Douglas County Department of Corrections Inmate Visitation Request Form ATTENTION: This form will not be process if mailed to the inmate. No faxes will be accepted. Mail or hand deliver to: Douglas
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing dougla county corrections
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Hello my name is Doug binkham I'm the senior attorney here at Pinkham and associates a dedicated family law firm here in Orange County California I'm going to talk in detail about the form FL 300 that is the it's called a request for order that is the form that you fill out file and serve on the other party when you're asking the court to make orders such as child custody child visitation child support spousal support those kinds of things frankly if you're asking the court to make orders on anything you're going to need this form ok let's start at the top hopefully you have an FL 300 in front of you and you can follow along or fill it out as we go along if you're trying to fill out your FL 300 as we go along just pause the video when you need to and come back to it when I move on to a different section okay on page 1 at the top you're going to put your information then underneath that the courts information you can get that courts address online without question then you're going to list the petitioners name and the respondents name underneath that then in the box that is entitled to request for orders you're going to mark the boxes that apply to what you're asking for child custody child support attorneys fees and costs modification if you're modifying an existing order for custody visitation or support then visitation spousal support temporary emergency cord ORS or other and other is very important actually if you're asking for something that's not specified in one of those previous boxes then mark other and right underneath it in very short you don't have much room there so in just a couple of words what it is that you're asking for you're going to be able to expand on that in in a different section of the form ok so right below that where it says - and then name and parentheses you're going to put the other party's name there then you're going to don't worry about the box that has date/time Department and room in it the court is going to write that information in there when you file this form with the court okay and then number three attachments to be served with this document if you are asking for any financial orders child support spousal support attorneys fees and costs any financial orders that all you're going to need to fill out at fl150 it's an income and expense declaration and attach this to the form you're also going to need to attach to this form when you serve it on the other party a blank income and expense declaration then you're going to put the date below that write your name on the left and sign your name on the right don't worry about the information below the words court order the court will fill that out later on page two at the very top you're going to again put the petitioners name in the respondents name and also the case number off to the right there the case number also goes on the front page in the box that is entitled case number okay then we start underneath where it reads request for orders and supporting...